Advancing the state-of-the-art in predictive simulation

The Center for the Exascale Simulation of Materials in Extreme Environments (CESMIX) is an MIT research center focusing on the exascale simulation of materials in hypersonic flow environments and driving the development of new predictive simulation paradigms and computer science tools.

our mission

Advancing predictive simulation

We seek to connect quantum and molecular simulations of materials with state-of-the-art programming languages, compiler technologies, and software performance engineering tools, underpinned by rigorous approaches to statistical inference and uncertainty quantification.

Creating a new synthesis of different disciplines

We aim to provide opportunities for faculty, researchers, and students across MIT to interact intellectually and shape new interdisciplinary graduate education programs at the intersection of computational science and computer science.

meet the team


Center to advance predictive simulation research established at MIT Schwarzman College of Computing

MIT is among nine universities selected as part of a program sponsored by the DoE to support science-based modeling and simulation and exascale computing technologies.

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Our motivating problem is to predict the degradation of complex materials under extreme loading, inaccessible to direct experimental observation. This application represents a technology domain of intense current interest, and exemplifies an important class of scientific problems — involving material interfaces in extreme environments.